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Delivering profitable, results-focused products and solutions to convenience stores, distributors and mass merchants. We work nationally with thousands of locations, from independents to big chains with hundreds of store fronts. Our model is a hybrid-DSD, utilizing a mix of weekly calls to stores, with direct shipping as well as in person visits as needed. We offer a selection of top-quality products in the counter culture industry, covering everything from Kratom - Vapes - Nootropics - Delta/Hemp - Fragrance - Snacks - Pets. Some of the brands we carry include JuiceHead (Vapes and Pouches), Ultimate and Ultra Enhanced Gold Kratom, Cookies, Aromar, Addall, RedDawn, GalaxyTreats, Elf Bar, Ignite and MNGO. We offer Private/White Label products as well. Stop by to see what is new!
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Alternative / Lifestyle Products - Kratom, Alternative / Lifestyle Products - Vape, Convenience Store - Herbal Supplements, Convenience Store - Snacks/Candy/Energy/Drinks, Convenience Store - Travel Size/OTC
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Full Spectrum Ultimate Kratom as a Tincture! 948
Full Spectrum Ultimate Kratom as a Tincture!
Red Dawn Energy Shot 956
Red Dawn Energy Shot
JuiceHead Pouches & 5k Vapes Deals 1348
JuiceHead Pouches & 5k Vapes Deals
5K JuiceHead Vapes 951
5K JuiceHead Vapes


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