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Fume, an authentic QR-Joy product available in over 30 smooth and delicious flavors, is the vape industry's most sought-after product. Built with the consumer in mind, Fume Vapes' sleek design, medical-grade technology, and increased puff capacity quickly cornered the million-dollar vape market   Today, the Company boasts one of the largest consumer bases in the vaping industry, due in no small part to its cadre of innovative and popular products, including the Fume Extra, Fume Ultra, Fume Infinity, Fume Mini, and the latest release Fume Unlimited. With Fume continuing to corner the market, America's vaping pastime is set to be renamed "fuming." For more information, visit QR Joy is a Florida-based corporation renowned for patented electronic cigarette devices of the highest quality and most tantalizing flavors. With multi-million dollar brands such as Fume, a global success with consumers built on extensive market research. There's guaranteed excellence inside when the QR Joy name is on the label. For more information, visit
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